Sex Toy Buying Guide : How To Be Safe – Coin and hoping for the best will undoubtedly leave you with an expensive piece of equipment that dies within a few years or can put you directly into harms way.

Believe or not, sex toys are the same. You would think you could buy these blindly, trying them at your whim, but you actually need to do a little research prior to purchasing and getting your rocks off. Otherwise, you too, could end up with an expensive piece of equipment that dies quickly and puts you in harm’s way.

Use these guidelines for buying and maintaining toys and you’ll find that you will get plenty of years of pleasure out of them.

Sex Toy Buying Guide: How to Be Safe

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When it comes to buying, you have to look beyond the fancy glitter, the multiple probes and the intriguing flippy, bendy things. You need to know what your toy is made of. The sex toy market is not regulated by the FDA, meaning sex toy makers can infuse your sex toys with anything they want. While most of them keep it from getting weird, they do use a dangerous chemical called Phthalates. This chemical is used to soften plastic, you know, so that your dildos and vibrators can be more malleable. The issue though is that it tends to breakdown over time and will eventually start outgassing, a scary process of when the chemical starts to leak from the seams of your toys. Not only is that gross, but it’s also dangerous as it could decide to do this when you’re mid-session.

When looking for toys, be sure to make sure the toy is listed as Phthalate free. An easy way to know you’re safe is to stick with medical grade silicone, glass, stone, elastomer, and metal. Toys made of jelly, CyberSkin, PVC and rubber typically contain phthalates. These kinds of materials come with another dangerous component; they’re porous. Porous materials allow bodily fluids, lube, germs, and diseases to build up inside of the toy causing bacteria to grow and making it hard to clean properly. These toys become a liability to your body and anyone else’s you may be using your toy with. If you’re going to invest in a toy, spend a little extra time online or when you’re perusing around Adam and Eve to ensure your toy is made of something you want to put in your body.

However, buying the right kind of material doesn’t ensure that you will ultimately be safe. It takes a little time and care on your end to keep your toy clean and properly stored.

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Toy cleaning procedures can range from toy to toy. Glass, stone and metal toys that don’t contain electrical parts can be thrown in the dishwasher or boiled in a pot, while silicone can be wiped down with antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. Sex toy cleaner can also be used on any of the body safe material sex toys. But when it comes to the unsafe ones (jelly, rubber, etc.), you’ll want to use a little soap and water and then realistically, just throw it away. Be sure to always clean your toys after every use and before you share them with a partner.

When it comes to storing, you need to take a few precautions. First, find a cool, dry place to store them like a box, a drawer or entire closet. Make sure this place is not under direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause your toys to break down and fade. Then store each toy in an individual bag. This will keep your toys from spreading bacteria from one or another (re: porous toys), keep the toys’ materials from touching and causing toy breakdown to happen faster and it will keep your “tackier” toys from collecting dust, lint and strange fuzzies. You will also want to remove the batteries prior to storage. Overtime, batteries can leak or explode, both of which could destroy your toy(s) and be extremely messy.

So now that you know, do you have some sex toy clean up to do or some new purchases to make?