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“The Rihanna Reign Just Won’t Let Up”…. Top 10 Rihanna Songs

Rihanna Songs 2015 Bold & Sugar

So, I’m not sure about you, but I’m having some serious Rihanna withdrawals. The Navy and tons of others are patiently waiting for #R8. However, she’s given us a little treats to tide us over until her big reveal. In the words of KidFury “…my girl is 4 5 seconds from slaying the game again!” While we wait with baited breath, here’s my top 10 Queen Rihanna songs (In no particular order):

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Top 10 Gay Dating Websites

Gay Dating 2015 Bold & Sugar

For gays, finding a perfect match online can be downright impossible at times. Looking for the perfect partner takes dedication, patience, and a little detective work. Okay, maybe a lot. Here are some gay dating sites that do manage to get it right most of the time.

Gaycom_X Gay Chat and Dating, this site offers the best way to find your perfect guy, it includes pictures and news of your interest. One of the largest communities that will help you find a perfect date.

onlylads-chrome-extension-ad-1280x800 Great way to meet gay and bisexual guys around the US. Around the clock this site has to offer lots of different options according to what you like the most.

match-com-promo-codes Now offering gay dating services, you will be able to meet guys with different interests and different ages from all over the United States.

okcupid Gay, lesbian, bisexual. This site gives you the necessary choices to find what you really need. No matter what kind of person you are, love is okay.

chemistrycom_logo_890 Personality matching results are not overrated, finding someone to grab a drink with couldn’t be easier with this site. This website is perfect if you want to find your soulmate, and someone you have chemistry with.


What if you could have your dating life on the go? This app offers a faster way to find your perfect match, with details and pictures about the person you want to meet.


Today is a great day to be you. This website represents the pride of same sex marriage, and the right for people to start a life together. Finding your match couldn’t be better.


People who look for deeper relationships are perfect for this website. This can be a popular choice for young daters, integrating with social networks, such as Facebook to make the relationship more real.


Largest online dating site for black and interracial daters coming from different backgrounds. People sign up for this website usually looking for long-term relationships.


If you’re looking for something less serious. This site offers a more casual dating experience, it gives people the experience to be taken less seriously and get to know their options.

Why We Want a Beyonce Divorce

Beyonce Divorce 2015 Bold & Sugar

The Power Couple. Relationship Goals.

These and many other titles can be given to Jay-Z and Beyonce. They are considered one of the most Powerful Couples of the United States. Not only do they have a strong marriage and a beautiful daughter named Blue Ivy, but they also united their music career traveling around the world with their On The Run Tour. So, why do people want to see her marriage and world fall apart so badly?

What is it about Beyonce that has her fans obsessing about her and her relationship status? Is it her killer body and amazing dance moves? Or is it her good music and beautiful face? Or maybe both that has every women wishing they could be everything Queen B is today.

The search for details about her personal life are quite obsessive, yet still very popular all over the Internet and social media. She is one of The World’s Most Powerful Women of 2015, but all of her success can come with negative people that envy her position as a role model and performer. At the age of 33, she can be considered one of the wealthiest women, making over $100 million for the North American shows on her tour with her husband.

Beyonce can be an inspiration for young people. She takes risks and inspires women of the power they have to be a boss. She has been a symbol of confidence, girl power, independence and hard work. “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world.” she said. She is constantly put under a microscope by all kinds of people, from her personal life to her career, every detail is talked about. Her flawless and celestial looks make her a Queen and an idol for pop music.

Her feminist power talks for itself in her music, in tracks such as “Flawless.” Due to her high capability of independence in her career there has been some rumors for some time now about her relationship. They’ve constantly refuted any speculation that their marriage was imploding, even seemingly going on a joint tour to prove their point.

Of course, the infamous elevator incident didn’t help squash those pesky divorce rumors, nor did her response to the controversy in the “Flawless” remix help swat them away either. But even since then, there have been no further signs that their marriage is in trouble.

During “Forever Young” in their live concert released September 20th on HBO, they looked to be absolutely smitten, though this didn’t convince enough people all was right in the animal kingdom. However they decided to play some footage of Blue Ivy during the song. At the end of the song they hugged and kissed. Making clear that they are together forever.

Most recently they were spotted on a pickup truck around Hawaii. Looking for a getaway, the happy couple took some days off and enjoyed the beach. Despite what anyone thinks, Beyonce is proving once and for all that her relationship is a commitment, that her music career is always important, and that her message to young people has a powerful impact.

Artist DiiJai On Future Album and Illegal Downloads

unnamed (1)

Indie R&B artist DiiJai is a busy man. New music. New videos. He’s got a lot on his plate, and a lot to say about the music industry, indie and mainstream. With a new album currently in the works, DiiJai spoke with us at Bold & Sugar about his musical endeavors and what he thinks should be done about piracy.

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Interview With Artist Dean! How He Plans to Make a New Sound


<Photos Courtesy of Helio Public Relations>

South Korean Singer-songwriter Dean plans to take the R&B world by storm with the release of music that can’t be categorized or put into a box. undoubtedly embodies all the components of this equation. Currently attached to many-an-interesting artist such Mila J, singer-songwriter, Eric Bellinger, Beyonce, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown, Dean has the makings of a superstar.

We at Bold & Sugar had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the 22-year-old rising talent. Here’s how our conversation went:



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Some Non-Religious Arguments Against Gay Marriage

black gay marriage 2015 Bold & Sugar

We’ve been to just about every corner with the whole gay marriage debate at this point. However, an interesting thought occurred the other day. Most of the opposition comes from a religious standpoint, but what about those who disagree with it who are NOT religious? What could their reasons be (besides just being hateful and ignorant. Yawn)?

A few Reddit users got together to declare their non-religious reasons for being against gay marriage. Read what they had to say and start a discussion below! 

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Questions for Gay Guys from Straight Guys (NSFW)

Straight Guys 2015 Bold & Sugar

For many heterosexual men, gay guys are something of a mythical creature; they hear about them, they know about them, but they’ve never gotten to know one. So, a few “curious” guys had a few questions to ask the gay community, and of course they’re mostly about sex. Interested to see what they wanted to know? Continue reading.

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