How Old Is Janet Jackson? Why I Don’t Want Another Sex Album
The 5 Worst Michael Jackson Videos
Does Madonna Age?? Can You Guess How Old She Is?
Open Letter to Bullies

BET Awards 2015 Review

BET Awards Winners 2015 Bold & Sugar


The BET Awards 2015 cemented a few things. First, gone are the BET Awards of yesteryear that had us biting our nails in anticipation of who would be performing and what would be happening. Second, the younger generation hasn’t forgotten about the Motown generation.

There were several key moments tonight. Smokey Robinson’s tribute, while short, was definitely sweet. They pulled talented singers (Robin Thicke, Ne-Yo, and Tori Kelly) that gave wonderful renditions of Smokey’s classic songs “Ooo Baby Baby”, “Tears of a Clown”, and “Who’s Loving You” respectfully.

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Why Can’t They Just Make a New Southern Flag?

Confederate Flag Ignorance 2015 Bold & Sugar

Make a new flag already!

Honestly, like so many of you, I’m pretty over the whole Confederate Flag controversy. I’m over what it stands for, which YES does include slavery and racism no matter how you try to downplay it in favor of “conserving the Southern way of life and its legacy” blah blah blah.

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BET Awards 2015 Winners

BET Awards Winners 2015 Bold & Sugar


The BET Awards 2015 have officially come to a close, and there’s MUCH to discuss, from Nicki Minaj receiving the “Nicki Minaj Award” once again to that oh-so-brief Janet Jackson tribute.

But first, let’s get into who actually won an award this evening and compare it to our list of predictions here. Eh, we were totally off on a lot of these and were honestly shocked by some of the decisions. But oh well. Tell us what YOU think.

Here are your BET Awards 2015 winners!

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Top 10 Best Jason Derulo Songs

Jason Derulo songs 2015

What are your favorite Jason Derulo songs?

Before sauntering his way onto the mainstream scene with “Talk Dirty”, Jason Derulo was already an established artist with a legion of fans. His first album actually came out in 2010 with the single “Whatcha Say.”

So, with a Janet Jackson tribute performance coming up tomorrow at the BET Awards, now is the time to become familiar with the “Wiggle” artist’s catalog. Here is our and his fans picks of the top 10 best Jason Derulo songs.

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The 5 Worst Michael Jackson Videos

Michael Jackson Videos 2015 Bold & Sugar

You’ve seen his best and most iconic music videos, but what are some of the worst Michael Jackson videos?

Everyone has those awkward moments in their visual career. Remember Beyonce leg-humping Jay-Z in the “Deja Vu” video? Uh, yeah. About that. Moving on. We went through Michael Jackson’s long catalog of visual wonders and are giving you what we consider to be his worst.

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BET Awards 2015 Winner Predictions

BET Awards 2015 Bold & Sugar

It’s that time again, and your BET Awards 2015 predictions are here!

With the show just 2 days away, there’s a lot to be excited about. You’ve got your performers, ranging from Nicki Minaj (Expect her to perform her “hood” cuts), Robin Thicke, and K. Michelle. You’ve got your lovely hosts, Anthony Anderson and Black-ish co-star Tracee Ellis-Ross. Plus, who’s NOT eagerly anticipating the Janet Jackson tribute?

Your BET Awards 2015 winner predictions are BOLDED below! Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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Janet Jackson New Song “No Sleeep” Hit or Miss?


Janet Jackson No Sleep 2015 Bold & Sugar

Janet Jackson. New Song. 2015. Is it what you expected?

Just hours ago, the legendary hitmaker released a very jazzy, laid back groove in the form of “No Sleeep”. It’s immediately catchy after the first few listens, but what’s our real opinion on it? (You can listen below)

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Does Madonna Age?? Can You Guess How Old She Is?


Looks like Madge is letting us know that she can still hang with these young girls out here! Madonna dropped a bombshell called “B*tch I’m Madonna” on Tidal yesterday and the internet was in uproar.

After watching the whole thing, I had to ask myself, “Does Madonna Age”??

The video was a huge party, including cameos from: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Katy Perry…the list is endless and they each had one line… “B*tch I’m Madonna”. To be perfectly honest.. I wanted to go to that party!

Aside from her recent videos, Madonna has always been the Queen of the Shock Value. I mean…she’s made out with Britney Spears and Drake, for crying out loud!

Most people would assume, that Madonna could possibly be in her late 40′s or maybe 51 or 52. Some have said that she sucks the lives out of younger pop stars, to stay youthful looking. In my opinion, I think she just dances and exercises so hard, that she has no choice but to look as great as she does.

Maybe being a wild card keeps her child like glow… However, I would think that shocking the world could age you… but look at Beyonce… look at Rihanna… look at Madonna… being a shocker probably keeps you young…

Maybe it’s being a mother. Some mamas tend to look better after they have children.

Maybe it’s being a philanthropist. Madonna loves giving back. For example, she started her organization called, Raising Malawi in 2006. This org helps orphans in one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi, by providing water, food, medical care and schooling. She also supports numerous charities such as, UNICEF, CHIME FOR CHANGE, Music Rising, BID 2 BEAT AIDS, and much more!

Alright, now you’ve had enough time to guess how old Queen Madonna…

Madonna… Is… 56 years old! She was born on August 16, 1958…so yes, she’s a Lovely Leo…

How Old Is Janet Jackson? Why I Don’t Want Another Sex Album

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Poster 2015 Bold & Sugar


Okay, Janet fans, don’t come charging in here trying to read in my comments section because of that title. First, the question of “How Old Is Janet Jackson?” is easily found on Wikipedia, so hopefully that’s not REALLY why you’re here. Second, this isn’t a post to bash Janet’s age or artistry. It’s simply that I, as a fan, am requesting that this legendary superstar do something artistically that she has been KNOWN to do

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