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Ciara New Music: “Special Edition” & “Oh Baby”

Ciara New Music 2015 Bold & Sugar

Ciara is back with new music! And she seems to be giving her gifts in 2′s this time around.

After Jackie pulled some disappointing numbers earlier this year, fans were eager to see what Ciara had in store next. After releasing a new track in the form of “Paint It Black”, many waited with baited breath to see what Ciara would cook up next. Unfortunately, the tracks “Oh Baby” and “Special Edition”, while certainly pleasant, simply don’t give us the fire we’ve come to expect from an artist like Ciara.

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Erica Campbell On Homosexuality: “Sin Is Sin”

Erica Campbell 2015 Bold & Sugar

Erica Campbell is coming forward with her thoughts on homosexuality and transgender issues. And she couldn’t have picked a more intense time to air them out. Goodness!

Sitting down with Team Curtains, the artist – who is one half of Gospel duo Mary Mary – had a more “open-minded” approach regarding her views on the LGBT community at large.

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Nicki Minaj Sued by Ex-Boyfriend Safaree

Nicki Minaj Sued 2015 Bold & Sugar

It’s Nicki Minaj vs. “Them Lips” again.

Via TMZ, apparently sources close to Safaree claimed he wants a cut from all of Nicki’s albums: Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and The Pink Print.

He also wants to get a cut from Nicki’s biggest singles, which include “Only”, “Flawless (Remix)”, and “Feeling Myself”.

Safaree has been going on about being very involved in Nicki’s creative planning. At one point, he even alleged that he wrote all of Nicki’s lyrics. His evidence of this includes videos of studio recording sessions, voice memos, and multiple witnesses who can validate his contribution.


Sources told TMZ that a lawsuit is “imminent.”

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Lee Daniels “Empire Doesn’t Just Work Because It’s Black”

Lee Daniels 2015 Bold & Sugar

Lee Daniels has seen a lot of success as a director, so it comes as no surprise that he’s reached a sort of “point” in his career where ridicule and scrutiny begin to become commonplace.

However, it ¬†hasn’t deterred him too much. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he spoke at length about his motivation for creating the background for the characters on his hit Fox series, “Empire”.

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10 Men On the “Early Days of AIDS”

black men aids bold & sugar 2015

The 1980s AIDS Epidemic was a terrifying time to be a gay man. Many seemingly healthy men suddenly became ill, their bodies shut down, and they died shortly after due to a “mystery” illness. Dubbed the “gay man’s disease”, it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that the general public learned what AIDS really was and how it was being transmitted. Its effects carry a heavy echo even today.

10 gay men shared their memories online about the early days of the AIDS epidemic. These are their stories.

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Ciara New Song: “Paint It Black”

Ciara Paint it Black Bold & Sugar2015

A new Ciara song? “But we’re still bumping Jackie!” you say. Well, there’s more to hear from Ciara Princess Harris.

Recorded for the film The Last Witch Hunter, Ciara’s cover of Rolling Stones’ haunting “Paint It Black” sees the usually bubbly R&B/Pop star take a dark, intense approach on the track.

Need to hear it for yourself? Take a listen below!

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Janet Jackson “Unbreakable” Album Review

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Review bold & sugar 2015

This is the Janet Jackson album we’ve been waiting for.

If Damita Jo and The Velvet Rope produced an offspring, it would most certainly be Unbreakable. From 1993 to 2008 we got a sexually awakened Janet Jackson that wasn’t afraid to be loud and proud in her conversations about sexuality. And not just hers. Songs like “Free Xone” showed that Janet Jackson believes in sexual equality for all regardless of sexual orientation and has developed a strong following because of it. However, gone are the days of explicit sex talk. This time Miss Jackson has something to say. She’s contemplative.

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