Tahj Mowry Gay Rumors? Where Did This Come From?

Remember Smart GuyTahj Mowry, who played the pint-sized T.J. on the show, is all grown up and now receiving some interesting rumors. The younger brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry has long been the target of homosexual allegations, even after attempting to set the record straight via Twitter:

“I wonder when gay guys r gonna realize they cant have me. Im straight. #getoverit Not every good lookin dude is gay. Im flattered, but #fail” - Tahj Mowry via Twitter

Even now, the rumors continue to spread, just like the ones about Chris Brown (Which I can only hope are just rumors). There is a trend with people labeling good-looking, fashionable men as “closet homosexual”. What is it with our fascination to turn out straight people? Let’s be real, gays. We’ve all had crushes on heterosexuals, but what about that line you shouldn’t cross. Surely you wouldn’t want a member of the opposite sex constantly trying to make you straight, right? Think about it.

As a reminder to gay guys and girls. Just because you WANT someone to be gay, that doesn’t mean that they WILL be. People are straight just like you are gay. There’s no magical switch that makes them turn to the Light side (Yes, we’re the Jedis, bitches). They were born that way just as you are and deserve the same amount of respect.

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34 thoughts on “Tahj Mowry Gay Rumors? Where Did This Come From?

    • No kidding? You mean an actor seems to be someone/something that they are not? I would never believe it! I am sure that Sam Worthington is really a blue alien and Kate Winslet is really a survivor from the Titanic.

      I want to point out that you actually used the word “act” in your comment, Tiffany. Actors act. Just sayin’…

      • Seen him at a macklemore concert with 3 other dudes , he was hugging on dude next to him all night and had is head in his back pocket all night , I think he’s gay lol

    • Do u have sense its he is character n dont think his gay in real life or in show jus because he didnt kiss a stupid girl that sense he is gay is super hot and intelligent stop judgibgnother ppl lives n gt one for ur fukin selves if hesays hes nt gay hes not stop tlkin about come out of the closet like come on.if u r gayu need to come out. Hey so stop messin wid he he hots fukin girl

  1. I agree with Kelly…just watch/listen to him! And does anyone remember the names Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, etc.??? Not exactly new for someone in “the biz” to be in the closet to promote the image the industry wants! And I really don’t think it has ANYTHING to do with people WANTING someone to be gay/straight/whatever. I think it has more to do with people being sick to death of others – especially those in the public eye-”pretending” or denying who/what they are!! Grow a pair & admit it & be proud of who you are…WHATEVER that is! And I don’t see anything remotely attractive about any of these guys…ok, Ricky Martin’s always been a hottie! But to say the others are “wanted by the gay community cuz they’re hot” is ludicrous. ..and yes, Justin Bieber IS included in this lot as well…sickening how far some people are sunk into their own denial propaganda! Ok, soap box rant over. Continue the bitch slapping. :°)

    • Clay had been out before he was on Idol but avoided the subject because he didn’t think it would work on the show. His own family and friends knew. Was never our business but as soon as he got out of the contract with Idol he no longer hid his life. Nobody ever really questioned Lance be sure he was never a big focus. Coming out brought him INTO the limelight because prior nobody cared. Ricky was the only one who flat out avoided and faked it. He did always have rumors and he chose to never address them he didn’t deny them he just avoided them. But saying NO I AM NOT!!! and then proven wrong later hasn’t been done (in our time) they either say they aren’t and the rumors continue, they say yes I am and u care for a day or they avoid it all together. JUst because someone doesn’t share who’s in their life doesn’t share who’s in their life doesn’t mean they’re living a lie its private. Living a lie would be getting married, kids whole thing and seeing men on the side. A single guy not telling us who he’s having sex with ,just like your straight neighbor, is not our business doesn’t mean he’s not bei g himself. We don’t know what his family and friends know one way or another. Rant over

  2. Tahj, you need to “getoverit”, no one thinks you’re gay because of your looks! You may be playing a part on TV, but your character on tv is NOT gay, but the way you talk and act make people think you are. Come on “out” when you’re ready, it won’t be a shock to any of us.

    • If he says he is straight we should believe him because we try to put labels on every one and we shouldn’t do that. There is such a thing as a more feminine heterosexual but society refused to believe this is possible because we wanna slap the gay label on them to make ourselves feel better. Just because he talks and acts gay doesn’t mean he is. Masculinity for heterosexual males is just the norm and society depresses those who are this way and so when they try to explain their orientation they are said to be closeted. Let him be who he is and don’t give him a hard time because the only person who knows him the best is himself.

  3. OK I like him he is super cute funny talented…He does come across as a little gay in baby daddy but that’s a part he plays (who isn’t even gay) who cares calling him gay wouldn’t even help if he was. But I never got that idea from seeing him as (himself).

  4. You know, I don’t think he’s gay because of the way he acts or speaks. I think he’s gay because I saw him being rather affectionate with another man in an anthropologie over the winter of 2012. Now unless he’s acting during his day to day life the boy isn’t straight. Sorry to burst some girls fantasy of being with him but it’s just not going to happen.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Tahj, but I think still say he is gay, have you seen the way he acts? It has nothing to do with the way he dresses, Tahj has a great sense of style, but his voice and mannerisms say it all. They all read gay. I just think Tahj is doing a really good job of keeping himself in the closet, but eventually everything done in the dark will come to light. If you been watching Baby Daddy, check out episode 8 “All’s Flair in Love and War” his character Tucker has a girlfriend Vanessa that comes back into his life after being broken up on the show, and one thing I noticed about that episode is Tucker didn’t kiss Vanessa not one time, she is suppose to be his girlfriend, so why didn’t he kiss her? All of Tahj’s other cast mates have kissed someone on the show so far, but Tahj’s character Tucker hasn’t kissed anyone…so that is a red flag to me among other things I’ve seen about Tahj lately on and off camera. Honestly I think he should just come out the closet already and stop living in denial. Tahj Mowry is gay there is no doubt about that. I will still be a fan of his though regardless, he should just be proud of who he is and stop running from it.

    • All u people that’s on here criticizing him don’t know him so if the man say he’s not gay then he’s not gay. U people need 2 get lives of your own & worry about them. Ugh people just make me sick worrying about other people lives. I think it’s probably because your lives r miserable.

  6. How stereotypical can you people be?? Hes a petite guy and he was raised with twin SISTERS his voice is naturally higher pitched than some men and he takes care of himself and his image because he is on TV! Doesnt mean he is gay! Good grief get over the fact that some men can take care of themselves and still be straight! Seriously just because you want to claim every good looking metrosexual man as being gay doesnt make them gay. Its makes you retarded. Btw there are plenty of hyper masculine men who are gay! Stop feeding stereotypes people!

  7. I luv watching Smart Guy and I think Tahj is super talented. But I also think he’s super gay….. I can hardly stand to watch baby daddy b/c of him. If his character was gay (ie Jack on Will & Grace), I can stomach the mannerisms b/c it’s part of their character; however, Tucker is suppose to be straight so the “gayness” bothers me. I don’t care what people do in their lives and I have no problem with homosexuals, but I don’t like to see flamboyant men. It’s too extra for me. He’s not over the top, but (for some reason) its too much for me. I wish they had made his character gay — it would have been easier to accept.

  8. I happen to stumble on this article. I have watched baby daddy since it first aired and it never occurred to me that Tajh might be gay. This is the first I hear of it. Yes, he has a high pitched voice and he does not seem super masculine but some men just aren’t like that (straight or gay). People are just judging based on stereotypes. If he says he is not gay then cool, he’s not gay. Why are people pushing him to say otherwise? I am simply amazed at some of the comments on here.

  9. To me, he acts just like Tia and Tamera; he just might be the third little sister! Also, every man on that show “baby Daddy” seems quite suspicious. It’s Hollywood, most men act flamboyant and feminine and thinks it’s the correct mannerism for men. He also has that “lisp” with his tongue when he speaks which makes him sound quite gay. The only one that doesn’t seem gay on the show is Derek Theler “Danny”….that’s how real men carry themselves!!!

  10. Who are any of you to say just because he talks,or dresses flamboyant that he’s gay.Tahj was raised around funny people.If he’s saying that he’s not gay then he isn’t.I also agree with him ,just because he’s goodlooking or talks a certain way doesn’t mean he’s gay just because he’s being percieved that way.People need to get over it not every guy is gay.I know a few feminine type guys and they are far from gay .I had to come and comment as I found it funny that people want so badly for him to be gay when he’s not.People say the same crap about Justin Bieber and Zac Efron, both are far from gay.

  11. Gay or straight, not a single one of you will get to taste the beef, chicken, cake or whatever he is serving so dream on. LOL!!

  12. What is “acting gay?” Do you mean effeminate? This is 2014 right? We do kow that behavior and sexual orientation aren’t the same thing, right? Or, are you guys buying the well published though highly inaccurate lie that is being sold? Let this man be whoever he is, and grow and explore, and change, and discover himself. He’s straight (in life or in the media) until he says he’s not. If that ever changes, and he thinks it’s anybody’s business, maybe he’ll share it with us. Until then, I think I’ll just make sure my life and affairs are in order. #ijs

  13. I’m gay and I certainly don’t fabcy him, but for someone who says he’s not gay maybe he should butch it up a bit. I know a few queens who he makes look like fang members.

  14. Anyone can make a statement about them not being gay. It doesnt always make it true. Ppl do that all the time. Im sure ppl arent calling him gay due to his looks or style. Its all mainly based off the way he acts and talks. Although I have never thought of him as being gay. But I mean it could be possible.

  15. He is gay. I saw him at the local bar i go to here in Silverlake, Ca and he was all hugged up kissing another guy. I wanted to say whats up to him but he looked rather busy with his male companion. Im not judging him but he’s defintley gay.

  16. So why the fuck are we blaming gay people about this?? Do u guys not fucking know that straight ppl are coming up with this rumor? You guys need to get the fuck over yourself and stop blaming one another it’s pathetic and immature!!! And for him to say what he said sweetie not all gay guys want you trust me you save us time and then women can be happier keeping your fucking ass. He shared an opinion why can’t I right? Haha

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