Kanye West Talks Illuminati Rumors “Yeah They Try to Confuse It With Some Bullsh*t”

Kanye West Illuminati 2013 Bold & Sugar

Kanye West recently stopped by Wild 94.9 to generate more buzz following the announcement that he was now engaged to Kim Kardashian. However, that may not end up being the biggest head-turner of the week.

While speaking with the hosts of the radio show, Kanye openly discussed a variety of controversial topics surrounding his career, from the decision to name his latest album “Yeezus”, to the ever-going rumors that he is apart of  a “devil-worshiping” New World Order, the Illuminati.

When asked if the latter rumor confused listeners as to his real intent with his music, he replied:

 ”Yeah, they try to confuse it with some bullsh*t, the New World Order. Meanwhile, the DEA teamed up with the CCA. They trying to lock n***as up. They trying to make new slaves.”

He then proceeded dive right into a rap verse that had the hosts nodding their heads as if they really knew what he was talking about.

You can check out the clips posted below!

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