Brandy’s New Single “Put it Down” with Chris Brown

2002 was a difficult year for Brandy. After a mysterious pregnancy, they made us believe that Brandy was getting married. If she married, of course it would make sense that she was waiting, right? Except that soon it was revealed that that was not the case. Brandy had been lying about her marriage, and now she regrets having made the decision.

Brandy's New Single 

“Everyone around me is trying to force me to marry, so I said, ‘Why do not I just say I’m married? Because I do not want to get married, why do not I say it?’ It was the biggest mistake I ever made. The lie of being married was the downfall of my career, everything changed. “

Her supposed husband, Robert Smith, was the one who finally spoke about the fake marriage, and Mrs. Norwood now understands that she should have told the truth from the beginning. While she regrets lying to her fans and the public, she does not regret getting pregnant. Your daughter, Sy’rai, is your greatest joy. So the question of “Did the fake marriage kill Brandy’s career?” It can be answered as such:


Brandy Eating Disorder


It happened during his adolescence in the 90s. While we were wonderfully oblivious to seeing Moesha and Cinderella, Brandy was struggling to maintain an unrealistic body image. He stopped eating, began to regurgitate, took pills to lose weight and many of the other actions that people with an eating disorder have.

“People do not understand that being the hottest star or earning the most money means nothing,” he said. “I’m here to tell you that I was making so much money, I was omnipresent, and I was probably the most unhappy teenager in the world.”

Brandy Chris Brown 

Money does not buy happiness, and being a star does not mean that your life is sugar and rainbows. If you know someone who has an eating disorder, visit the website and call the hotline. Eating disorders are nothing to play! Brandy, we send you love and we wish you the best in your future!